The Horizon MRU Range


  • Heave sway and surge:
    • Position, velocity and acceleration output
    • Phase cancellation algorithm
    • Automatic tuning to environment
    • Optional 5 monitoring points
  • Pitch and roll:
    • External velocity and heading input for high accuracy during turns
    • High resilience to impacts and vibrations
  • IP68 topside or 3000M subsea housing
  • RS232/422/485
  • 1PPS sync or external trigger
  • Optional Ethernet

Product Range

The Horizon MRU Range is developed based on the newest MEMS technology. Different versions have been made based on different application requirements.

Horizon H: Developed for the purpose of heave compensation for winches, cranes and echosounders. One very high accuracy navigation grade accelerometer is used for the vertical axis providing very good Real-Time heave performance. This unit has a fixed mounting orientation

Horizon 1010: Developed as a low cost, high-performance dynamic pitch and roll sensor with heave output.

Horizon 505: Developed for seabed mapping usage, where an initial calibration is typically performed prior to any operation. The unit has a high accuracy of 0.05 deg tilt. Additionally the unit has a high accuracy delayed heave of 2 cm 2% up to 60 seconds waves



  • Single and multibeam echosounder motion compensation
  • Active heave compensation
  • Marine antennea stabilization
  • AUV and ROV attitude sensor
  • Wave measurements
  • Ship motion monitoring
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