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New rugged Microrad sensors

Vectory Sensor Systems has incorporated the technology used in its ToughTilt sensors into its Microrad range of tilt sensors, to offer the same amount of ruggedness in the Microrad sensors as in the ToughTilt sensors.

Microrad sensors are have been proven not to be influenced by shocks of at least 20G 11ms half sine and 75G 5ms half sine without any influence on accuracy.


Statoil Petroleum AS Extends Existing Contract

Statoil Petroleum AS has extended the contract for Vectory Sensor Systems AS for the remainder of 2015. The extension is a direct continuation of a contract signed in 2014.

The contract, named “Control / Analysis of Inertial Systems on Survey Spreads”, covers advisory, quality analysis of operational datasets and case study analyses for both topside and subsea systems.


Vectory Sensor Systems Launches Subsea Versions of MRUs and Tilt Sensors

Vectory Sensor Systems announces the availability of subsea versions of all their Horizon MRUs and Microrad sensors.

The units come equipped with an 8-way Burton connector and are rated for 3000M.

More information can be found on the Vectory Sensor Systems website www.vectory.com


Vectory Sensor Systems announces extremely rugged Tilt Sensor

Vectory Sensor Systems announces their new ToughTilt tilt sensors for immediate availability.

Using the same technology as in their Microrad sensors, these sensors have been further hardened to offer an extreme resilience to shocks, while still keeping within their accuracy specifications. Coupled with an IP68 proof housing, this combination enables these sensors to measure tilt in extremely hostile environments.

More information can be found on the Vectory Sensor Systems website www.vectory.com


Vectory Sensor Systems announces low-cost attitude and heave sensors

Vectory Sensor Systems announces their new Horizon-1010 and Horizon-H attitude and heave sensors.

  • The Horizon H is developed for the purpose of heave compensation for winches, cranes and echosounders. One very high accuracy navigation grade accelerometer is used for the vertical axis providing very good Real-Time heave performance. This unit has a fixed mounting orientation
  • The Horizon-1010 is a low cost, high-performance MRU with high accuracy roll, pitch and heave outputs.

Both sensors use the very latest in MEMS technology, coupled with Vector Sensor Systems proprietary inertial sensor fusion algorithm. This gives a heave performance comparable to the highest end motion sensors, at a price-tag an order of magnitude lower. The sensors include many connectivity options, such as serial RS232/485, Ethernet, 1pps input, sync output and has optional analog output and Power over Ethernet.

More information can be found on the Vectory Sensor Systems website at www.vectory.com

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